Thursday, August 16, 2001, 10:56 a.m.
Hullo! *laughs* That is so Winnie-the-Pooh. Ya gotta love that guy! Well, FINALLY my page is up and at 'em...I really needed somewhere to write down this wicked cool dream I had Monday night... Ok, it started out with Zenon (from Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century; hey, it's a Disney Channel movie.) living with her mom and her evil stepsister Margie (same show, but she's not really her evil stepsister.). They don't make her do chores or anything, but Zenon and Margie don't really get along. One day Margie is bragging to Zenon about some party she's invited to and Zenon's not, so Zenon goes to talk to her mom about it. Turns out THEY'RE throwing the party! (How sad is that? Poor kid's not invited to her own party! Cripes.) The weird part is, it's a Powerball party, like everybody gets together with their Powerball tickets and watches the numbers being drawn. Kind of a dumb idea for a party, but there you have it. Anyway, all of a sudden I was Zenon, and her mom was my mom. The next day in school our class went on a field trip. My best friend (who was Melody from The Little Mermaid II, but her name was Ariel) and I were really psyched for it, right? So that night (hey, it's a dream), our class arrived at this GIANT (like, REALLY, REALLY BIG) plasticky dragon thing. Inside is this roller coaster that had to have been designed by someone with a really sick sense of fun. I mean, this thing is just EVIL. It's got all these terrible drops and stuff, and you go through different sections, like one it's snowing on you, one is like this museum thing, one fire shoots up all over as you go over a pool of lava (kind of like how I imagine hell...and on a roller coaster! Sheesh!), all kinds of really scary shit. Finally we got to the end, me and Ariel were practically clinging to each other, and the whole class was frightened out of their wits. We all climb out and, lo and behold, there's like three people missing. Woah. So no one's really clambering to get back on, but they force us back on, and Ariel and I get split up. I was REALLY scared. (While we were sitting in the cars waiting to get started, there were these people in terrycloth Chudley Cannons Quidditch robes, like, jeering at us and poking us with sticks and stuff. I dunno, it was...weird.) Anyway, we get started, and as we're going over that hell kind of part, the damn thing busts and we all go shooting down into the lava. (SCARY!) So people are climbing out (I don't know where Ariel and I were, we kind of dropped out of the dream at this point), like this one skinny tall girl with short blond hair (she goes to my school, she's a year younger than me), and this one kid that strongly reminded me of Neville Longbottom, but I never found out his name, so I'll just call him Neville. They're climbing out of the lava onto this beach type thing, and woah, wait a second, those are NOT normal people walking around on this little beach in this little town...they're dwarfs and trolls and stuff! It's really scary! But this one old dwarf man adopts Neville, and he lives there for awhile, but he misses his family. Then one day Ariel pops up and visits Neville. He's like, "Woah! Where did you come from?" She doesn't know. But Ariel's mom (who is like the ACTUAL Ariel from The Little Mermaid, only really pale with very light blond hair, like she's related to Draco Malfoy or something) owns a store, and as Ariel turns around she see it, and she's like, "...Wait! Neville, that's my mom's store! We can get out of here!" and Neville's just ECSTATIC. They go into the store and, sure enough, it's Ariel's mom's store and they're back in the real world. I'm in the store too, and I'm looking for those 3-ring binders that are translucent white with those curvy colorful edges (I think you get them at Target), so I ask Ariel if they have them and where and she says "Yep" and points to a shelf where I see three of them sitting there. Just then two girls who I intensely dislike even though I've never met them come into the store chattering and immediately see the three binders. I make a run for it but they get 'em first (the FIENDS!) and I'm just FURIOUS. (I don't know why, I mean gosh, they're just binders.) Then it's nighttime and the only people there are Ariel's dad (who reminds me of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and Jesse from Full House) with Ariel's two little twin brothers, Ariel's mom, and another guy. Ariel's dad comes in to get food for the twins and leaves, and just Ariel's mom and the strange guy are there, plotting how to kill Ariel. Then I woke up. Anybody wanna try analyzing that? And get this: I haven't seen The Little Mermaid since January!